• Election Day Ware Vigil Agape Community

    God’s Peace Heals All Divisions: An Election Year Vigil – by Jim Robinson

    Throughout the fall, we at Agape have been reading Pope Francis’s recently released encyclical, Fratelli Tutti, as part of our noonday prayer. Before eating lunch together, we gather in the living room of St. Francis House and read an excerpt from the encyclical. We sit with the impact of Pope

  • Finding a New Way of Being – by Dixon George

    At different points in my life I’ve found myself reflecting on where I have come from, where I am now, and where I am going.  The answers that I get from prayer, meditation and conversations with people in my community are that I come from ten years of the experience of the

  • Veganism and Climate Change

    Climate Change and Covid Are Telling Us: Go Vegan – By Katya Renée Freitas

    Like many people, Covid has drastically changed both my internal and external world. I was only about a month and a half into my last semester of college at Hofstra University when the virus first hit. In an instant, my college career seemed to be ending, giving me no time

  • Illustration by David Klein

    The Harmonizing Power of Dialogue – by Steve Tumolo

    Joe Biden wins But God’s peace steals our attention The people and the woods of Agape Invite us to be still. One in a hut, one in a hermitage, Our stay is too brief. Yet even a pause in the woods Can heighten our capacity to hear. The healing power

  • Notes on Books by our Friends

    The Risk of the Cross by Art Laffin We at Agape have been reading the new edition of The Risk of the Cross: Living Gospel Nonviolence in the Nuclear Age, by longtime friend Art Laffin. The Risk of the Cross is a powerful resource for communities committed to attuning to

  • The Splendor of Now – poem by Barry Winkelman

    Surrender to the splendor of the now Surround yourself with love’s serenity Suspend disbelief just for the moment Find peace within the chapel of your heart Part the narrow furrow of your thinking Seeding the same row every spring season Sow a different plot of untilled land Tie a bow

  • Voices: Notes from the Agape Community

    In Memoriam: Nina Anderson Nina, long time Agape friend, supporter, and neighbor died November 13th after a long illness with cancer. Nina was a mystical soul who expressed her spiritual vision through her poetry. With her long-departed soul-friend poet Rich Bachtold, Nina and Rich were twin stars shining a mystic

  • Kings Bay Plowshare 7 Update

    Agape continues to stand in solidarity with the Kings Bay Plowshares 7 and the death-dealing weapons that these systems produce and employ. With our plowshare friends, we renew our commitment to the nonviolent Jesus in his resistance to the systems of domination. As prisons continue to be hotbeds for COVID-19

  • Agape Community Servant Song Winter 2021. Artwork by D Roberts Kirk

    Pro-Death Catholics and the Racist Death Penalty

    by Suzanne Belote Shanley Today is the second day of Advent, and I have just completed reading two women friends’ mystical writing, one a poet, Denise Levertov, another a mystic, environmentalist woman priest of the Episcopal Church, Margaret Bullit-Jonas. Denise’s poetry matches the 6 a.m amazement as I look out

  • Conversation with a Trump Supporter on Election Day. Jack (left) Brayton (right)

    Conversation with a Trump Supporter on Election Day

    by Brayton Shanley About six of us from Agape made our way to the Ware High School on November 3rd where the locals were voting. What we found there took our breath away: Ten or so Trump supporters standing steamroller strong along the road leading into the polling place, wildly