• What is Happening to the Moment?

    Peter Matthiessen, recently deceased, was a writer and Zen practitioner. He expressed a reluctance to write about his experiences because it was the nature of Zen to depend on the immediacy and spontaneity of the present moment. His point brought into sharp contrast what is happening to this present moment

  • On The Road— Our Book Tour East Coast to West

    When Brayton’s newly minted book arrived with its shiny flame-design cover and inspiring endorsements on the back, it was a “break open the champagne” moment. For years, Brayton and I weighed the costs in time and energy of writing a book, while leading a full community life with the accompanying

  • Agape Community Reduces Dependence on Oil with “Grease Car” by Terence Hegarty, Catholic Communications

    HARDWICK, MA– Powered by vegetable oil?  That’s what the white lettering on the rear windshield says, but most don’t believe it; at least not at first. Looking at the 1997 Volkswagen Jetta, the statement on the back of the vehicle is the only indicator that the car doesn’t operate on

  • Volunteer Opportunities

    Ministry—Simple Living, Sustainability, Peace and Justice, Nonviolence Organize and lead retreat groups in both homestead and reflection activities. Cooking, cleaning , food prep for large groups for College Rural Immersions held at Agape. Homesteading Cut, haul, stack wood, Agape’s main source of heat. With the arrival of Spring, we turn the earth,

  • Autumn Cutting, Agape Intern, happily changing the compost bins

    Way to go; Composting toilets offer eco-friendly alternative by Jean Laquidara Hill for telegram.com

     Way to go; Composting toilets offer eco-friendly alternative. by Jean Laquidara Hill for telegram.com As Karen E. Difranza and her husband, Robin B. Langer, prepared for their son’s wedding on the hill behind their home in Hubbardston, they realized the one flushable toilet in their house would not be enough

  • “Teaching by Example: Living a Life of Peace” by Michael Boover, Catholic Free Press (7/25/2013)

    http://www.catholicfreepress.org/lead-story-3/2013/07/25/sturbridge-novena-goers-pray-with-grateful-hearts/ Brayton Shanley has long practiced what he preaches. He co-founded the Agape Community, a lay Catholic peace community nestled in the hilly backwoods of Hardwick in 1982 with his wife and co-worker, Suzanne Belote. Brayton and Suzanne have been peace educators all these years. They are exemplary pioneers of