The Spirit of Sustainable Agriculture

Harvard Divinity School is pleased to host a conference on “The Spirit of Sustainable Agriculture,” from March 31-April 1, 2016.  

Brayton Shanley, Agape’s co-founder will give a talk at the conference on:

Nonviolent Religious Environmentalism: Human to Human and Human to Earth Reconciliation

Workshop scheduled for March 31, 10-11am

This workshop will explore the relationship between living an integrated life in a residential community on 34 acres of land in Central MA, built from the ground up with green structures, solar energy, compost toilet, organic gardening, and growing community food and practicing a ministry of nonviolence, including contemplation and prayer.

By presenting a community model of sustainability which involves vegetarian eating and the practice of food justice, we will explore how  the Agape Community live sustainably with the earth’s bio-systems on a planet devastated by modern warfare, climate change and materialism.

Drawing on Asian religious foundations of Ahimsa (non-injury) and the Christian foundations of nonviolent love, the workshop will articulate an eco-theological model of sustainable agriculture in a community setting, with a ministry of education in nonviolence as a paradigm for a world in environmental extremity.