Living an Integrated Life

The Spirit of Life: A Catholic Community of Justice & Joy Invites you to a conversation about

Living an Integrated Life: Christian Nonviolence, Sustainability,Contemplation and Action With Suzanne Belote Shanley & Brayton Shanley, author of The Many Sides of Peace

DATE: Sunday, Nov. 16th following our 4:00PM Liturgy
LOCATION: The Spirit of Life Community @The Congregational Church of Weston/UCC
130 Newton S t. Weston, MA. 02493


Suzanne and Brayton, along with several others committed to non-violence, co-founded The Agape Community in 1982. Agape is a residential, lay Catholic community dedicated to prayer, voluntary simplicity (living under taxable income), and gospel-centered nonviolent witness in the world. Between them, the Shanleys have taught courses, workshops and seminars at Boston College, Worcester State, St. Thomas University, Anna Maria College and the Paulist Center in Boston. Brayton is the author of The Many Sides of Peace: Christian Nonviolence, the Contemplative Life, and Sustainable Living. Suzanne has offered programs on Women and War, and for the past 40 years, taught nonviolence with an interfaith and ecumenical emphasis at parishes, peace groups and universities. For further information about this remarkable community visit: